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T-Mobile datacenter hacker 'Their Security was Awful'

September 2021, a 21 year old hacker told the Wall Street Journal he was able to hack into T-Mobile’s datacenter. He was the main force behind exposing the sensitive information of more than 50 million people, using a ‘simple tool’ that is available to the general public. He consequently discovered an unsecured company router that was connected to the net and used it to gain access to a data center near East Wenatchee, Washington, he could explore more than 100 of the company’s servers. From there, it took about one week to gain access to the servers that contained the personal data of millions. By August 4, he had stolen millions of files. .

The hacker would not confirm if the data he stole has already been sold or if someone else paid him to hack into T-Mobile. While he did not explicitly say he worked with others on the attack, he did admit that he needed help in acquiring login credentials for databases inside T-Mobile’s systems.

The Wall Street Journal story also noted that T-Mobile was initially notified of the breach by a cybersecurity company called Unit221B LLC, which said their customer data was being marketed on the dark web.

T-Mobile did not respond to requests for comment but released a statement confirming that the names, dates of birth, SSNs, driver’s licenses, phone numbers, as well as IMEI and IMSI information for about 50 million customers had been stolen in the breach.



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