cybersecurity whitepaper
cybersecurity whitepaper


Digital Security Risk Management for data centres

New digital technologies are increasingly transforming the way organisations work. Data centres play an important role in this transformation and are therefore considered critical national infrastructure in a growing number of countries. Without data centres, online digital services as we know them are unavailable, digital devices cannot be operated without connectivity and big data cannot be exchanged. But, like any organisation, data centres are also undergoing the same digital transformation themselves, which makes it very important to map and manage the corresponding risks. What exactly is the impact of the growing connectivity in the control and operations of these data centres?

The Netherlands a frontrunner

in digital infrastructure The Netherlands was the first country in the world linked up to the American internet as we now know it. As European initiator, and because of our favourable location, the Netherlands has always remained a frontrunner in digital infrastructure and is still a springboard to the rest of Europe. Because of its stable political climate and reliable power network, the Netherlands has an extremely favourable business climate for data centres. As a result, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) is one of the largest internet hubs in the world. This digital oasis also entails risks, however, which are still not always recognised or understood by everyone within organisations. The awareness of digital risks within organisations is therefore an important point for attention. Despite the fact that 63% of organisations are actively working on a digital transformation, just 23% of the C-level devotes adequate attention to the digital risks arising from that.


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