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Multidisciplinaire aspecten van digitale veiligheid

With the collection ‘Multidisciplinary aspects of digital security’, the Netherlands Association of Information Professionals (KNVI) once again shows the value of its professionals’ focal area. Authors from a range of professions in information technology, information management and information governance have examined and described the topic from different angles of approach. This is thus a fine example,, like with many other social topics, of how to make sense of different trends in society by cooperation, exchange of information and through sharing knowledge. The professional organisation also conveys that in this collection, another fine addition to the series of books published by the KNVI Special Interest Group IT & Law.

With this collection, the KNVI also defines the term ‘digital security’ and outlines a more over-arching picture of all its aspects. Cybersecurity and information security are fields that have been under development for some time, and are increasingly attracting the attention of administrators and decision makers. And rightly so, because the underlying themes can no longer be ignored. There is legislation for complying with cybersecurity and information security.

Organisations, processes and employees must be able to work safely and handle their data securely. But more is needed, society needs guarantees that there will be no accidents in the area of digital security. Can you count on businesses giving you secure access to their online shops? Are your devices actually secure, and does everyone get sufficient -customised – information to structure their lives? And have the implications for your personal life been taken into account? Asking these questions also means answering them. We even venture the assertion that the answer is ‘not yet’, or sometimes ‘no’. And that is worrying.


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