With Secior, you don't have to worry about the security of your organization. We provide the necessary insight into your current cyber resilience and assist in achieving the required resilience as stated in the NIS2, among other things. This makes your organization cyber-secure and NIS2 compliant!

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Secior provides the following services:

NIS2 Readiness Workshop

This service consists of mapping the organisation's current NIS2 compliance. This involves using the NIS2 Readiness Scan, an application that tests the organisation against the 15 minimum measures described in Article 21 of the NIS2 Directive. This scan indicates the current NIS2 maturity level.
The workshop is conducted by Secior's cybersecurity specialists in collaboration with the organisation's stakeholders.

Lead time and investment

Lead time and investment

Lead time: 1-3 days (8 hours)
This service is available from € 3.450,- (Excl. VAT)

NIS2 readiness scan

NIS2 Management Training

Increase your cyber resilience with Secior's NIS2 Management Training. Our comprehensive training provides your management team with an in-depth understanding of the new NIS2 directive, including its expectations, requirements and benefits. We help you understand these regulations so that your organisation is fully aware of the stricter cyber security standards and optimally prepared for future challenges. Choose Secior and make sure your management is well informed about the NIS2 directive. This training will be done by Secior's cybersecurity specialists and WLP-Law's legal experts.

Lead time and investment

Package details

Duration: 1 day (8 hours)
This service is available from €2.950,- (Excl. VAT) for max. 10 people.

NIS2 full cyber resilience

Cyber Risk Assessment

This service consists of placing a specialized sensor (physical or virtual) in the network, analyzing this sensor data and delivering a Risk Assessment report. This report contains the following sections:

• Asset Inventory
• Network Visualization
• Vulnerability Overview
• Conclusion & Recommendations

Lead time and investment

Package details

Lead time: 1 - 2 weeks
The price of this service is on request.

NIS2 Risk management


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