Born in the datacenter industry
Raised in cybersecurity

Secior has its origins in the datacenter industry. Datacenters are the superlative of Operational Technology (OT) and the key nodes of computing power and data storage. Datacenters are the cornerstone of everything that happens online, and datacenter are therefore essential to society. Outages lead to social disruption and pose a threat to national security.

Disrupting critical processes

Datacenters are among the most attractive targets for cybercriminals and/or state actors. Attackers won’t spend time and effort attacking multiple individual servers when they can hit a datacenter’s cooling or power supply and take down thousands of computers at once. Due to geopolitical changes, we see an increase of attacks with a destructive character, instead of a monetary gain.

Effective OT strategy

Secior offers its services to protect the operational processes of essential companies. Downtime is a major concern for these companies and can lead to reputational damage, loss of customers and loss of revenue. Our team understands the challenge and helps to improve digital resilience and maintain uptime.

Sectoren icoontjes


In hospitals, it is paramount that power supplies, laboratories, warehouses, and HVAC systems remain secure. Many medical devices are linked to building management systems that are part of the corporate network and therefore an easy target. We help healthcare organizations identify vulnerabilities and protect medical devices and sensitive patient data.


Food industry

Cybersecurity is crucial for the food industry because of the protection of product safety, data integrity, and business continuity. Strong cybersecurity measures ensure the security of production and distribution systems, prevent unauthorized access, and protect sensitive company data.

Food industry

Transport & Logistics

The transport & logistics sector is facing increasing digitization and is therefore sensitive to cyber-attacks to the OT environment. The sector cannot escape strict cybersecurity regulations imposed by industry associations and governments.


Financial Services

The protection of sensitive financial information and privacy is vital to the financial services industry. Strong security measures prevent unauthorized access to personal and financial data, including bank account information and transactions. By monitoring potential threats, financial institutions can ensure data integrity and confidentiality, prevent fraud, and protect operational systems.

Finance sector

Drinking water

In drinking water companies, the safety of drinking water is paramount. Most of the systems that take care of this safety are in the OT category. It is therefore essential that these OT systems are cyber-secure and do not experience any disruptions. Secior can take care of this.

Water sector


Manufacturers usually have their production facilities in several geographically dispersed locations and have a large amount of complex machinery from different suppliers. Effective cybersecurity of manufacturing companies requires an accurate inventory of all components. In addition, Secior helps manufacturers with structural controls and solutions to ensure the availability, integrity, and safety of their operational processes.



For the government, digital security is essential to ensure the protection of critical infrastructure, government networks, and sensitive data. By implementing robust security protocols, government agencies can protect sensitive information and ensure the continuity of essential services, such as emergency response, communications, transportation, and energy supply.


Other sectors

As Secior, we also offer cybersecurity services for various other sectors. With our expertise and solutions, we strive to protect organizations in various industries from cyber threats and process disruptions. Our team provides insight into the cyber resilience of organizations and ensures optimal security guarantees regardless of the sector in which an organization operates.

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