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UK government gathers insights on how to make data centers and cloud platforms more resilient

As part of the UK’s National Data Strategy and National Cyber ​​Strategy, the UK government is currently gathering insights from data center operators, cloud platform providers and cybersecurity experts to understand how to improve the security and resilience of the country’s data centers and online platforms.

This call for advice covers the UK’s data storage and processing infrastructure, such as data center infrastructure, cloud platform infrastructure and managed service provider infrastructure. The UK Government is seeking evidence to understand the current landscape and possible options to best support and manage data storage and processing infrastructure providers. This call for views aims to develop the government’s science base and gather views before policy development.

The UK government is developing a stronger risk management framework to address two risks associated with data storage and processing infrastructure.
First, data is of strategic importance on a national and global level. This makes the infrastructure where large amounts of data are collected an attractive target for those who have the intent or ability to threaten the UK’s national security, economy or way of life.
Second, the UK now relies on large-scale data storage and processing services for the delivery of our essential services and the functioning of our wider economy. Guaranteeing the continuity of the service provision of the data storage and processing infrastructure is therefore of national importance.

Julia Lopez MP, Minister of State at the Department, Culture, Media & Sport, states, “Data centers and cloud platforms are a core part of our national infrastructure… we are now looking at new ways to boost the security of our data infrastructure” .

An initiative that will certainly be followed in other European countries.



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