colonial pipeline hack
colonial pipeline hack


The consequence of the Colonial
Pipeline hack - US department of Justice equates ransomware attacks with terrorism

June 2021 – Cyber ​​criminals have announced that they will avoid critical infrastructure in the future. Several ransomware developers declare that their malicious software should no longer be used to attack, for example, hospitals or critical infrastructure. They likely feared retaliation after the East Coast of the United States was cut off from fuel for 6 days.

After the DarkSide ransomware hack on Colonial’s fuel pipeline, criminal groups making the malicious ransom software see the eyes of the Security Agencies on them.

Cyber ​​criminals prefer to work in the shadows and the Colonial hack has put them into the spotlight.

US President Joe Biden warned that his Secret Services could carry out cyber attacks on the criminals, for example to seize crypto’s.

It is now known that DarkSide, the ransomware with which Colonial Pipleline was shut down, no longer has access to its own servers and would also have lost its credits to crypto’s.

Cybercrime with ransomware has grown into a specialized business model in recent years. However, due to the negative publicity, criminal forums make the decision to ban providers of ransomware because of the negative publicity. For example, the group behind REvil decided that its software can no longer be used to shut down schools, hospitals and governments. The group behind the Avaddon ransomware has announced that it will first check whether a victim fits. Only then will the group’s customers gain access to activate the ransomware and bring the network down. Not every criminal group seems impressed; the group behind Babuk Locker’s ransomware says it will continue to attack critical sectors.

Data centers do not want to appear in the newspaper after a successful cyber attack, due to their reputational damages, this makes them an interesting target for cyber criminals, no publicity and attention from the authorities, just payments.

Ransomware is the biggest security crisis on the internet and is getting worse. The solution could be to make ransom payments illegal, but it will have painful consequences



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