NIS2 Management Team Training

The NIS2 directive came into force early this year. NIS2 is a European Directive aimed at improving the cyber resilience of critical infrastructure organisations. NIS2 will have to be transposed into national legislation, which must apply from 18 October 2024 at the latest. Organisations covered by NIS2 must comply with certain cyber resilience requirements and directors of these organisations will be held jointly and severally liable for non-compliance.

Cyber resilience training required by law

NIS2 and your organisation

Does NIS2 apply to your organisation? If so, you are legally required to undergo cyber resilience training. Secior and WLP-Law are happy to help you meet these training requirements of NIS2. During our NIS2 Management Team Training, we provide you with the necessary information on this European directive. You will also gain insight into the extent to which your organisation currently complies with NIS2 and we will provide advice on the actions you and your organisation can take to comply with NIS2 in a timely manner*
(*as far as known. At the moment, the NL implementation in the Wbni is not yet known)

This NIS2 Training was created through collaboration between WLP-Law's legal experts and Secior's cybersecurity experts.

Why NIS2 Management Team Training and why now?

- It is a requirement for management from NIS2 to undergo (regular) cybersecurity awareness training.

- It is essential to understand the cybersecurity risk management measures that organisations should take as a minimum based on NIS2.

- It is important for management to acquire sufficient knowledge to take appropriate and proportionate technical, operational and organisational risk management measures and mitigate the consequences of any security incidents.
With the Dutch implementation of NIS2, compliance is required from 18 October 2024; you only have over 1 year of preparation time left.

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The training covers one half-day session of 4 hours (morning or afternoon) at a location of your choice. Alternately, legal and cybersecurity experts will offer the modules. These experts will also interact with you during the modules. The timetable below is based on a morning session, but the required 4-hour block of time can be planned entirely flexibly at another time during the day in consultation with your organisation.

Time Schedule

Session 1: 09:00 - 10:00 AM

Proposal round speakers and participants
NIS2: Introduction

- What is NIS2?
- Timeline of NIS2
- Who is covered by the scope of NIS2?
- What does NIS2 mean for your organisation?

Session 2: 10:00 - 11:00 AM

NIS2: Cyber Resilience Session

- Explanation and explanation of the NIS2 CRAT (Cyber Resilience Assessment Tool)
- How does your organisation currently comply with NIS2?
- What do you need to start working on to comply with NIS2?
- Cyber Incident Response & Business Continuity

Session 3: 11:00 - 12.00 PM

NIS2: Legal 'deep-dive' session

- When is information security relevant from a legal and cybersecurity perspective?
- How can you as a director pursue compliance and what are your duties and liabilities in this?
- Importance of the supply chain, contractual guarantees and how to deal with contractual reporting obligations?
- What does cyber insurance mean for NIS2 enforcement?
- How is the NIS2 reporting obligation regulated?
- What are the penalties for non-compliance with NIS2?

Session 4: 12.00 - 13.00 PM

NIS2: Minimum security requirements (art. 21 NIS2)

- A concrete translation of the necessary cyber risk management measures
- How secure is your entire IT, OT and IoT infrastructure?
- How is the vulnerability handling process set up?
- What is the importance of cybersecurity in the supply chain and how do you ensure cybersecurity in the supply chain?
- How do you promote cybersecurity awareness among your employees?

After the final session, the training will conclude with a Q&A session and certificates will be awarded.

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In-company or external (additional costs in consultation)
Price € 2,950, - excl. VAT for the entire programme, with a maximum of 10 participants

More information? Interested in the NIS2 Training? Please contact us.

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Secior en WLP-Law

Secior is an expert in the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure organisations. Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in het verbeteren van de cyberweerbaarheid van organisaties door onze 24/7 security monitoring van de complete IT, OT en IoT infrastructuur van organisaties. Ons doel is om onze klanten voldoende cyberweerbaar te maken zodat zij NIS2 compliant zijn en zich kunnen focussen op hun core business.

WLP-Law offers high-quality professional services with a personal 'hands-on' and proactive approach. Het kantoor koestert haar internationale praktijk en richt zich op wereldwijd opererende bedrijven met hoofdkantoren in Noord-Amerika, Europa of het Verre Oosten, met zakelijke activiteiten in Nederland of Europa.

NIS2 Managementteam Training


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