Nowadays, everything that happens online originates in data centres, making them essential to society. Outages lead to social disruption and threaten national security. Mergers and acquisitions are the order of the day in the data centre industry. These mergers often lead to obscurity due to an abundance of legacy systems and unfamiliar equipment. Power supplies, cooling systems and even security systems can be entry points for attackers scouring the internet for insecure access points. There is also the reliance on third-party vendors for maintenance, some of whom even have remote access to OT & IoT environments. This too can pose significant risks.

Malicious access to the data centre 
A key vulnerability is where data centre customers gain access to racks or cages while their cyber security competences are unknown. They want remote access to the PDUs because they want to be able to reboot their servers. An open backdoor in this connection would give malicious parties access to the data centre infrastructure. The physical infrastructure underlying data centres is similar to industrial facilities, these industrial control systems are not designed with security in mind.

It is well known that default passwords are often used. At the same time, some devices have not been patched for years because the manufacturer has been slow to release updates.  Administrators may have been rightly reluctant to deploy them for fear of interrupting service to critical functions. Hackers can attack data centre infrastructure and hijack systems for ransom or use it to divert attention from other attacks, as a political statement against the data centre operator or any of the companies that use that data centre.

If it has an IP address, it can be hacked and must be secured. Attackers could, for example, disable cooling systems or turn on sprinklers to destroy thousands of servers, disable or alter power systems and disable locks, alarms or CCTV systems.

Effective OT strategy
There has always been a demand for solutions to implement an effective OT strategy that protects processes, people and financial results, but also significantly reduces cybersecurity vulnerabilities and incidents. Recent geopolitical developments have only increased the focus on this.

More and more, we see national and European legislation emerging that describes the need to protect critical infrastructures, sectors and their suppliers. With years of background in data centre operations, we support this market with our in-depth knowledge and with a comprehensive range of cyber security audits, assessments and compliancy monitoring.

For data centre customers
Secior understands the importance of data centres to your business. Data is the most critical asset of any organisation and business. Companies have largely moved from their in-house facilities to well-equipped data centres to store their data securely. Data is invaluable and can make or break a business. Downtime is a major concern and can lead to reputational damage, loss of customers, financial loss and revenue loss. Secior can help identify the risks and assess whether the data centre is delivering the agreed availability.

secior datacenter cybersecurity
secior datacenter cybersecurity



Secior biedt haar diensten ter bescherming van operationele processen aan de datacenter industrie en bedrijven met vergelijkbare kritische infrastructuur. Elke cybersecurity vraag van een datacenter verdient een antwoord en oplossing op maat. Ons team begrijpt de uitdaging en helpt met het verbeteren van de digitale weerbaarheid en in standhouden van de uptime.

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